Shoplifting Charges

People make mistakes.  Perhaps the matter is simply a misunderstanding.  Perhaps it was a one-time mistake.  Either way, the life-long consequences that can come with being convicted of shoplifting in Illinois are not always deserved.

In my criminal defense practice, I truly believe that good people make mistakes, and shouldn’t have to be burdened by the long-lasting effects of a criminal conviction. There are many options on the table – perhaps the charges can be reduced, or even dismissed.  Sometimes the answer is to simply fight the government in court.  Whatever the means, I am here to do what needs to be done.  

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Investing in a lawyer now, who can possibly get your charges thrown out, is a far better strategy than dealing with the fallout of a conviction down the road.  It is in your best interest to contact a Belleville defense attorney now.

Many retail theft charges can be challenged on evidentiary basis’ alone – did the security guard have a valid reason for stopping you or were they profiling? These types of shady practices can easily lead to the dismissal of charges.

Sometimes the answer is that the evidence against the accused is so great that perhaps a plea agreement is the best way to go, or maybe a trial is needed. Sometimes, some alternative adjudication program may offer the best opportunity to resolve the matter in favor of the accused.  In any case, I stand by ready, willing, and able to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome in every case. 

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Belleville Criminal Defense Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney