Military Divorce

Don't Be Fooled By "Military Divorce Specialists"

Marriage in the military can be very difficult because of the unique stressors military service imposes upon relationships. Training exercises, professional military education, temporary duty assignments and frequent, long-term deployments can turn a once flourishing marriage into a chaotic nightmare.

Sometimes military divorces turn ugly.  One spouse may seek to ruin the career of another. Indeed, oftentimes one spouse will go as far as to contrive false allegations in an effort to gain the upper hand, or enlist the help of the well-intentioned spouses club to suit their needs.  This is where I can be of service to protect your interests.


So many law firms and lawyers purport to know and understand the sensitive nuances of military divorce. The truth is that they have no clue because they have never worn a uniform.  They have no concept of the chain of command or the support requirements levied upon our military members.  Moreover, they never seem to understand how a disgruntled spouse can be kept at bay when they are actively attempting to destroy your career.  Why? Because billing you for billable-hours is what drives them.  They do not care about your problem, your situation, your family – they care about what your problem translates into in terms of business (i.e., how much money can I suck from this divorce). This is where I differ from the rest.

With over 20 years of military experience, I can help safeguard your hard-earned career and help you pull through a tough divorce with your sanity intact.  Need advice about your retirement?  I’m your man.  Need advice on how to stop your soon-to-be ex from ruining your career?  I’m your man.  Need advice on how to avoid a courts martial because your spouse lied about you having an affair?  I am definitely your man.

If you are seeking or have been made party to a divorce, it is imperative you speak with a military divorce lawyer who ACTUALLY knows the “ins and outs” of military service.  Do not settle for so- called "military divorce" lawyers who have never worn a uniform.  These folks are after a paycheck, not your wellbeing.

All of my services are at a flat-rate fee so that it is no mystery what your divorce will cost.

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