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Oftentimes, couples decide to handle family law matters on their own without a family law attorney. Years down the road, however, they come to regret that decision.  Inevitably, they will discover they have overlooked very important issues – issues that now affect them economically – and now the only way to resolve them is to apply to the court.  More often than not, this becomes very costly.  In the end, the matter ends up costing them more to remedy than if they had a skilled attorney involved from the beginning.  

This is where I differ from most of my colleagues.  Rather than providing services at expensive, hourly rates, I believe a flat – rate fee system is more appropriate and transparent under most circumstances. It allows me to provide quality, affordable service to those who would otherwise harm their future by attempting to tackle tough family law matters on their own.

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Family Law Services

At Adamsky Law, I provide a sweeping range of services to enable your family to meet their goals.  These services include:

  • Prenuptial Agreements:  “Prenups” have gotten a bad rap over the years.  People view them as only necessary when couples have a hidden agenda.  But, prenups are the smarter way to approach marriage than blindly accepting each other’s promises of “Til’ death do us apart.”  When over 50% of all marriages in the U.S. end in a divorce, it would be foolish not to consider in advance important matters that might arise in the future.  It is important to understand that, for a prenuptial agreement to be enforceable, it must be properly drafted in accordance with enforceable law.  This means full and fair disclosure of assets without unconscionable terms.  Prenuptial agreements should only be drafted by law-trained professionals. Prenuptial agreements can detail:
    • How marital property & debt will be divided
    • How, or if, spousal support will be awarded
    • How future disputes arising out of the marriage are to proceed
    • And so much more

  • Establishing Paternity:  Sometimes, one or both of a child’s parents can be difficult.  A father may not want to provide child support, or a mother may not allow a father to visit with a child he believes to be his.  Sometimes a parent ordered to pay child support learns the child he is supporting is not really his.  Establishing legal paternity provides a basis in law to establish and enforce parental rights.  If you are facing any of these issues, do not hesitate to call me now – 618-484-7761.

  • Divorce:  Marital dissolution is undoubtedly a tough time on any family.  Emotions run high, while uncertainty and anxiety overwhelm, especially because couples have heard so many divorce horror stories resulting in financial devastation.  But, divorce does not have to end that way. I offer affordable, flat - rate, uncontested divorce services.  When I handle your divorce, you can rest assured what the final bill will look like.

  • Military Divorce:  There are a lot of lawyers out there who purport to handle “military” divorce.  However, the truth is that none of them have any understanding of the special, sensitive considerations that accompany a service member’s decision to divorce. Indeed, most have never even served our country in uniform.  Unlike them, I have spent over 20 years on active duty, and I am acutely aware of how a divorce can wreak havoc on hard-earned careers.  Our service men and women have to worry about losing promotions, being demoted, giving up hard-earned retirement income, constant harassment from scorned spouses who seek ruin their career just to manipulate a settlement.  I understand the affect of a military no-contact order on your performance report and how it can tarnish your reputation and future prospects.  If you are in the military and you are seeking a divorce, it is important you call me BEFORE things get out of hand.  I will work tirelessly to protect your interests. Call me now at 618-484-7761 or email me at

  • Domestic Violence:  Domestic violence is horrible.  Unfortunately, people often remain in toxic relationships because they do not know how to protect themselves from a violent spouse.  Abuse is something no one should have to accept, and no child should have to witness it.  If you are being abused, contact me now for help. - Family Law Attorney in O'Fallon

Stephen Adamsky, O'Fallon Family Law Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, O'Fallon Family Law Attorney

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