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The minute you get pulled over, your commercial livelihood as a truck driver is at stake - especially if you've had anything to drink because you're subject to a lower BAC level of .04.  You cannot afford to be found guilty of driving under the influence, or face jail time, fines, or be disqualified from obtaining your CDL.  This is where I can help you.  Call me now at 618-484-7761 for your free consultation.

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There are so many ways to challenge the State's claims against you for driving under the influence.  Often times, police violate your fundamental Constitutional rights. Sometimes, their field sobriety tests are improperly conducted, resulting in evidence that is weak at best.  I will search for and work to exploit every opportunity to force the State to either drop the charges against you, or reduce the charges in order to avoid steep penalties.

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The sooner you seek my advice, the more options are available for me to effectively deal with the government's charges against you, and, the more likely you will keep your CDL and your job.  

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