Drug Charges & Methamphetamine Possession

Please do not take any drug charges you or your loved ones may be facing lightly.  The State aggressively pursues drug related charges and the terms of imprisonment are severe.  Additionally, those who have been convicted of drug crimes find it very difficult to obtain meaningful employment, housing, or other things that may enhance their quality of life.

A lot of these charges can be defeated on Constitutional grounds.  Oftentimes, police officers will overstep their bounds by performing illegal traffic stops simply because they "recognize" a vehicle, or they know or have "experience" with the person whom they are speaking with.  These are things I can address to suppress evidence as appropriate.

What you need to understand is that an arrest does not automatically mean a conviction or sentence.

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Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

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