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An Arrest Doesn't Necessarily Mean A Conviction

Often times, ordinary situations become tense - arguments become heated and people act irrationally out of emotion.  Things become physical and the police are called, typically resulting in an arrest because the government wants to make an example out of the situation.  

A conviction for assault, battery, or domestic violence can have an astounding impact on your life. Your rights as a parent, a gun owner, or prospective employee are all at risk when you are accused of a violent crime.   Being arrested in Illinois  can be an intimidating time. But, it does not have to result in jail time, fines, or a criminal record.

It is my job and passion to analyze the holes in the State's evidence, the truthfulness and credibility of witnesses, and to develop a strategy to exploit the government's mistakes.  I believe in standing up for the accused, saving their reputation, and securing real justice.  

If you or a loved one has been accused, do not hesitate to call.  Dial 618-484-7761 Now for your free consultation. 

Belleville Criminal Defense Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

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