The decision to seek a divorce is tough.  It contemplates the upheaval of one’s life – the redistribution of hard-earned marital assets often acquired over a long and treacherous road, the introduction of uncertainty into the lives of loved ones, and the daunting task of beginning a new life.

Further complicating the issue is the likelihood of an emotionally charged battle in which each party fights vigorously for every square inch, every possible gain.  Child custody, child support, visitation, and maintenance all become tools to an end.

Inevitably, and unfortunately, many couples foolishly choose to go the endeavor without seeking counsel. In doing so, these couples fail to consider issues that will undoubtedly arise in their future, causing unwanted and unneeded stress for everyone involved.  It is at this precise point that the parties realize an attorney is needed to resolve their conflicts.  However, it unfortunately typically costs more to resolve these matters at this stage than it would have cost to hire an attorney upfront.

If you are seriously considering a divorce, you need an attorney to evaluate your case and advise you on possible future pitfalls.  Give me a call to set up an appointment.  I can help guide you through this daunting process.

St. Clair County Divorce Attorney

St. Clair County Family Law Attorney

St. Clair County Family Law Attorney