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Simply Stated - Burglary Crimes Cannot Be Taken Lightly In Illinois

Burglary crimes require an aggressive strategy.  Sometimes this means understanding when to accept a generous plea offer or when to take a case to trial and make the government prove each and every element of their case.  I will work endlessly to secure the best possible terms for a plea agreement if it appears a plea is the best course of action.  Should the case go to trial, I will tirelessly prepare a formidable defense.  If you are facing any burglary charge, it is important you have a trained Belleville attorney on your side.

Most burglary charges in Illinois are considered class 2 felonies, which means you may face a maximum of seven years in state prison upon conviction.  Others are considered class 1 felonies, carrying a maximum penalty of fifteen years.  But, in addition to terms of incarceration, comes the unlikelihood of being able to hold employment due to a conviction.

If you are arrested for burglary, it is important that you not speak to investigators unless and until you have spoken with an attorney.  Call me Now at 618-484-7761 for your free consultation. 

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Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

Stephen Adamsky, St. Clair County Criminal Justice Attorney

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